Creative Writing Workshops

‘Budding Authors’ is a series of creative writing workshops aimed at able pupils aged 6-11.  A course of workshops will typically run for either six or eight weeks (although this is flexible) and will include the following topics:

  • Creating ‘real’ characters
  • Writing amazing opening lines
  • Describing places in imaginative ways
  • Writing dialogue that really works
  • Plotting out stories using a giant flowchart
  • Critiquing, editing and re-drafting

Workshops run for an hour per week and take a maximum of 10 children, which ensures every pupil gets a chance to read out their work and receive feedback.

Bespoke, genre-based, courses can be created on request (for example Traditional Fairy Tales, Adventure Stories or Gothic/Ghost Stories) and all courses use age-appropriate study material.   Travel Writing, Memoir and Creative Non-Fiction are often of interest to children in Year 6, and a poetry workshop can be included, if required.  Workshops can run alongside lessons, giving teachers more time to spend with less able pupils, or as an after-school club.

At the end of the course I produce a self-published anthology of pupils’ work.  The cost of the book is approximately £6.00 per copy, although this varies according to the size of the book and the number of copies ordered.  A substantially larger book or a hard-backed book with dust-cover will cost more.  The cost of creating and uploading the book is included in the workshop price.

There is no obligation to buy. (Click on the image to the left to view examples of previous book covers.)

Pot of Gold-tPricing

Workshops during school time cost £35.00 per hour and take up to 10 pupils.  More pupils can be accommodated by running sessions back to back.  For information on workshops run as After School Clubs please click here.  A course of six or eight weeks is recommended as a minimum and courses can run for longer, with additional content, if required.