About Helen

As a child I always had a head full of fantastic ideas for stories – yet when it came to converting the pictures in my mind into words on the page, I buckled.   Even now, the thought of a sharpened red pencil poised over the first clean page of a school exercise book makes me feel a little queasy.

Many children need time and encouragement to navigate their way into the world of literature and writing.  Today, more than ever, there are so many accessible books for children – beautifully illustrated picture books, graphic novels, ebooks and interactive books – sometimes it is just about finding the right motivation to begin the journey.

I have a First Class Degree in Creative Writing (2011) from The University of Winchester,  this includes first class grades in Creativity: Writing and Teaching and also Fiction for Children and Creative Non-Fiction for Children. I also have a Certificate of Higher Education in English Literature from Southampton University. In 2016 I gained my MA in Creative and Critical Writing at The University of Winchester.